31st Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWIII Year B

//31st Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWIII Year B

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWIII Year B

The first and greatest commandment isto love God with all our heart, all oursoul, all our mind and all our strength.Added to this is the secondcommandment: You must love yourneighbour as yourself. We cannot loveGod if we do not love our neigbour. If wedo not love our neighbor whom we see,how can we love God whom we cannotsee? But to love our neighbor we mustfirst love ourselves.

The attitudes wedevelop towards our neighbour are theones we have towards ourselves.Selfishness is like trying to fill a sack witha big tear at the bottom. The more youfill it, the more it empties out. That is whyselfish persons are never satisfied. Ahealthy self-love means that I am happyto be myself; to celebrate myself. I feelgood to be me, I love myself as I am. Itreasure my roots, my family, my lifescript, my uniqueness andunrepeatability. This is the way Godloves you and me.


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