28th Sunday in Ordinary Time PWIV Year B

//28th Sunday in Ordinary Time PWIV Year B

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time PWIV Year B

The encounter between Jesus and the rich young man described in the Gospel is a crucial encounter. Energetic, enthusiastic, excited and earnest, he runs to meet Jesus. Even more, he kneels before Jesus. Kneeling is a gesture of submission, subjection and surrender. He is both good and generous, having kept all the commandments and wanting to do more! Jesus looks steadily at him and loves him. The rich young man runs to meet Jesus but sadly he does not complete the race.

He drops out. What seemed determination, turns out to be a defection for when he is challenged by Jesus, his face falls for he was a man of great wealth. Following Jesus does not mean merely keeping the commandments. We want to give Jesus what we want but are not ready to give Him what He demands. We want to give Jesus a part of our life; we do not want to give Him the whole! Genuine discipleship costs nothing less than everything.

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