What is discernment?

The process of working out where you are called is “discernment.” The word comes from the Latin word discernere which means to distinguish, to sift out, to separate what may be from God and what may come from personal interests or cultural pressures.

Discernment is a process of learning to listen to the small voice inside you and to sift out what is from God and what is not from God.

What is a vocation?

Vocation means a “calling” – it is a personal and unique invitation from God to follow a particular path of service and personal discovery within the context of the Church.

The Diocesan Priesthood: Who are these men?

A diocesan priest is a priest who commits himself to a certain geographical area, and is ordained into this service of God’s people within a diocese.

They are primarily co-workers of the bishop of the diocese. All priests make a lifelong commitment to celibacy and obedience to their diocesan bishop.

Not all priests do the same type of work, yet their mission or purpose is one:
to bring the faithful through their everyday lives closer to Jesus Christ and to one another in him.

The diocesan or parish priest is like the rest of men, he is not called by Christ to come apart from the crowd because he is more perfect or superior than others. He is called apart from the rest of men in order to serve them because he too lives in the limitations of weakness. The only thing that is important is that Christ grows greater not only in his life but also in the lives of the members of the community entrusted to him for pastoral care.

“He must grow greater; I must grow smaller” (John 3:30).

What distinguishes a diocesan priest’s spirituality?

  1. The special bonding with the bishop and the priests of the diocese.
  2. A call to the Local Church.
  3. A call to a special kind of community experience.
  4. A call that lays emphasis on pastoral service.

Signs of vocation

The following are some signs of vocation:

  • Personal experience of God and his Love.
  • Attracted to the life of Priest or religious.
  • Likes to pray and loves the Eucharist.
  • Strong desire to serve the people full time.
  • Good relationship with family and other people.
  • Willingness to live in celibacy and chastity which means not getting married.
  • Prepared to be formed in the seminary or formation house.

Qualification to enter St Peter’s College Major Seminary.

  1. Bachelor (already received the Sacrament of baptism and confirmation inside the Catholic church).
  2. At least Gred 2 in SPM (or equivalent qualification).
  3. Good command of English.
  4. Good health (Physically and Mentally)
  5. At least two years of working experience.
  6. Permission of respective Diocesan Bishop.

For more information please contact your parish priests or:


Rev. Fr. Wifred Atin

Rev. Fr. Michael Modoit

Rev. Fr. Sunny Chung

Rev. Fr Mattheus A. Luta