The following are guidelines for couples intending to marry at Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish and Church of Mary Immaculate sub-parish. For more information or clarification, please contact the church office.

Couples are to undergo a three (3) days compulsory Marriage Seminar organized by the SHC Ministry three (3) months prior to the proposed date of wedding Eucharistic Celebration.

Couples are also required to undergo the compulsory rehearsal for the wedding in accordance with the Rites of Matrimony as contained in the Church booklets. No other version of the Rites is allowed, and the printing of special wedding booklets is also prohibited.

If couples persist to print their own booklets they shall be referred to only for the purpose of the Hymns that had been chosen, and the Hymns are to be those that had been approved for Liturgical use.

Couples are to seek the service of Rehearsal Conductors that had been approved by the Rector or the Parish Priest and any proposed inclusion must be made known to the Rehearsal Conductors so that they can be checked for compliance with the Liturgical Order.

No additions that are inconsistent with the Roman Catholic Rites are permitted.

Confessions for couples must be arranged with the Parish Priest before the wedding day.

Commentators and Readers for Eucharistic Celebration during the wedding will be provided by Sacred Heart Cathedral or Church of Mary Immaculate from their Lectors and Commentators Ministry.

Choir groups serving at the wedding shall be from those registered with the Sacred Heart Cathedral or the Church of Mary Immaculate.

Photographers are limited to those with experience on Liturgical procedures and should be present with the couple during the rehearsal prior to the wedding so that they can be reminded of the time and position of taking photographs during the Eucharistic Celebration.

Only one (1) photograph of the newly wedded couple is permitted at the foot of the Sanctuary, in front of the Altar, immediately after the Eucharistic Celebration. The rest of the photographs are to be taken outside the Cathedral or Blessed Sacrament Chapel or the Church of Mary Immaculate.

Couples are to inform/remind members of their families that photography is not permitted throughout the Eucharistic Celebration.

Ring bearers and flower girls are to be not less than seven years old and should not be more than seven people.

Wedding attire for the bride / bridesmaid is to be decent, not revealing.

Decoration or backdrop behind the Altar is prohibited as the Altar is the focus of the Eucharistic Celebration.

Decorations on the Sanctuary around the Altar are to be moderate and should be flowers that are natural. The flowers, inclusive of their stand, should not be higher than the Altar’s Mensa.

Decorations along the Aisle should not cause any blockage, while those on the Pews are not to be stapled or stuck with cello tape. They should be hung instead so that damages to the surface of the Pews are prevented.

Showering of Confetti on the newly-wed anywhere within the compound of the Cathedral or CMI is not allowed.

Additions to the above may be made from time to time.