Church of Mary Immaculate Organization Chart

Emmaus Weekend Experience

Photograph by Arthur Lim.

BUNDU TUHAN. The newly-appointed Parish Pastoral Councils [2015-2018] of Parish of Sacred Heart Cathedral and its sub-parish Church of Mary Immaculate, were brought together for a Faith Formation Retreat on 13th November 2015 to 15th November 2015 at the Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre.

The Retreat which was called ‘EMMAUS WEEKEND EXPERIENCE’ was based on ‘The Road to Emmaus’ according to the Gospel of Luke 24:13-43. Just like the two men who encountered Jesus on the way to Emmaus, the participants of this retreat were reminded that they too can have their own encountering with Jesus, firstly in the ‘Word of God’ and secondly in the ‘Eucharist’.