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7th Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

Jesus instructs the disciples to wait in anticipation for anointing by the Holy Spirit and ascends to heaven to be the eternal high priest in charge of the House of God. By his once—and—for—all sacrifice, we are assured of redemption. Led by the Spirit, the disciples are to preach and witness to repentance and forgiveness [...]

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6th Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

Jesus’ parting words to the apostles are comforting. In human experience parting is painful. But Jesus offers peace at this departure. In a new way they are going to experience the presence of all the three persons of the Trinity with them. When a believer loves him and obeys his commandments, Jesus says that he [...]

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5th Sunday of Easter – PWI Year C

By love Christians should be known and distinguished. The identity of a Christian is not his name and pious practices, but love. “Look, how they love,” people commented about the early Christians. Jesus gave us this new commandment: We need to love others as he loved us. It is an unconditional and sacrificial love. In [...]

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3rd Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

Peter, when called, was told that he would be ‘fisher of men’ (Lk 5:10). He has to feed Jesus’ sheep. He should strengthen other disciples. He has to forget the painful memory of his denials of the Master. They are to be replaced with an awareness that he loves his Master more than others. To [...]

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Easter with the Saints

He will destroy death forever “On this mountain, the Lord will prepare for all peoples a banquet of rich food. He will remove the mourning veil and the shroud enwrapping all nations; He will destroy death for ever. The Lord will wipe away the tears from every cheek, He will take away His people’s shame... [...]

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