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1st Sunday of Advent – PWI Year C

Three attitudes help to enter into the spirit of Advent: WAITING, WATCHING AND WELCOMING. Waiting is eager expectation, an inner longing. Like the watchman that waits for the dawn, we wait for the Lord. He comes to us in so many ways: in word and silence, in joy and sorrow, in sickness and health, in [...]

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28th Sunday in Ordinary Time PWIV Year B

The encounter between Jesus and the rich young man described in the Gospel is a crucial encounter. Energetic, enthusiastic, excited and earnest, he runs to meet Jesus. Even more, he kneels before Jesus. Kneeling is a gesture of submission, subjection and surrender. He is both good and generous, having kept all the commandments and wanting [...]

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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time PWIII Year B

Marriage has been designed by God. God in his infinite wisdom, love and power has decreed that man and woman come together in complementarity in a loving, living and life—long relationship. Man and woman are incomplete and insufficient in themselves. As male and female they complete and complement each other. God has decreed the insightful [...]

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