32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWIV Year B

//32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWIV Year B

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWIV Year B

While he was teaching, Jesus had an eye on the charity box in the Temple as he watched closely people putting money into it. The temple like the Church is a place for prayer as well as charity. Prayer and almsgiving must go together: If we really pray, we will give alms; if we are charitable towards the poor, that charity must have its source in God through prayer.

And as Jesus watched it was not the rich, who put in a great deal that caught his eye, but the poor widow who put in two small coins, the equivalent of a penny. She had put in very little but much more than all the others, because from the little she had, she had put in everything she possessed all that she had to live on. What matters with Jesus is not necessarily how much we give, but how we give. Often in life we cannot do great things for Jesus; but we can surely do little things with great love.

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