33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWI Year B

//33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWI Year B

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – PWI Year B

As the liturgical year approaches the end, our attention is drawn to the end times, the end of the world. “He will come to judge the living and the dead” we profess in the creed. When will this Last Judgement be? Nobody knows. Not the angels; not even Jesus! The Last Judgement is certainly going to take place because Jesus has said so.

Jesus admonishes us to be always alert and prepared. How much more must we all plan for the day of Judgement. When we prepare for an examination, we work hard. We want good results – results that will shape our future career.

However, the results of any examination affect merely our life on earth. The results of the Last Judgement affect our entire eternity.

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