It is easy to see the speck in the eyes of the other than to notice the log in our own eyes! Seeing the wrong of others, blaming them etc. are said to be defence-mechanisms we humans use so that we may not confront the problem within. It is well said, “Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” Jesus challenges this hypocrisy. His followers are asked to abstain from judging and finding fault with others as it is like blind leading the blind. We can hardly judge the intentions of others. So we need to leave the judgement to God. In fact when we are good, we would be quick to notice the good in others as well. The good tree produces good fruit. When we turn pessimistic, we find everywhere negatives, criticize everything we come across, speak ill of others, and gossip around, it is time to look inward. It is healthier to look at the brighter side of people and encourage them in their strengths. There is always some good in every person and situation. The more we discover the good and amplify them the better the world becomes. What we focus on will grow. Focus on the positive, gather good fruits.

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