2nd Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy Sunday

//2nd Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy Sunday

2nd Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy Sunday

The evangelists want to make it clear to us that our faith in the risen Lord is on solid ground. Thomas would not believe even the testimony of other apostles; he wants to touch Jesus’ wounds before he can believe! The apostles confess their own failures to believe initially so that we who are far off from the events can believe without seeing. Thomas made the greatest declaration of a personal faith, “My Lord, My God.” Jesus says, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” Conviction born of experience, Thomas will proclaim, undeterred by the cost, paying by his blood in a far distant land, India. Our faith in the Risen Lord and God’s message of mercy and love should be proclaimed today following the example of St. Thomas, the Apostle who said, “Let us also go with him and die.”

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