3rd Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

//3rd Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

3rd Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

Peter, when called, was told that he would be ‘fisher of men’ (Lk 5:10). He has to feed Jesus’ sheep. He should strengthen other disciples. He has to forget the painful memory of his denials of the Master. They are to be replaced with an awareness that he loves his Master more than others. To get that awareness deep into his own psyche, Jesus makes him repeat it three times. He will pay the cost: He will glorify the Lord with a death similar to His. Leadership in the Church emerges from the love for the Lord. Once a pastor loves Jesus, he will care for the sheep entrusted to him because the sheep belong to Jesus. It is Jesus who entrusts his sheep to his care trustingly. A bishop or priest is his steward, the caretaker. How happy he should be to have gained Master’s confidence as Peter did! How humble and caring a leader will be if he were to be conscious that the sheep is not his own possession but that of the Master!

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