4th Sunday of Easter – PWVI Year C

//4th Sunday of Easter – PWVI Year C

4th Sunday of Easter – PWVI Year C

Jesus is the Shepherded after the heart of God (Jer 3.15). He loves and values the sheep so much that he offers his own life for their sake. He would not allow those belonging to him be perished. They are assured of eternal life. When we listen and follow our Shepherd we are mightily secure. God’s desire is that we are all saved. Jesus paid costly price for it. Do we recognize Jesus as our Shepherd? Do we believe that we have a strong and able Shepherd who is tender-hearted toward us who protects us and lovingly watches over us? “God has, in fact, thought of us from eternity and has loved us as unique individually. He has called every one of us by name, as the Good Shepherd ‘calls His sheep by name’,” reminds St. Pope John Paul II. Today being Vocation Sunday, we pray that we are always blessed with shepherds after the model of Jesus.

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