5th Sunday of Easter – PWI Year C

//5th Sunday of Easter – PWI Year C

5th Sunday of Easter – PWI Year C

By love Christians should be known and distinguished. The identity of a Christian is not his name and pious practices, but love. “Look, how they love,” people commented about the early Christians. Jesus gave us this new commandment: We need to love others as he loved us. It is an unconditional and sacrificial love. In the context of Rohingya issue Pope Francis reminded the people in Myanmar that Jesus did not teach “by long speeches or by grand demonstrations of political or earthly power but by giving His life on the cross…. We need to remember that we have a sure compass before us, in the crucified Lord… We think that healing can come from anger and revenge. Yet the way of revenge is not the way of Jesus. Jesus’ way is radically different. When hatred and rejection led him to His passion and death, He responded with forgiveness and compassion.”

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