6th Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

//6th Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

6th Sunday of Easter – PWIII Year C

Jesus’ parting words to the apostles are comforting. In human experience parting is painful. But Jesus offers peace at this departure. In a new way they are going to experience the presence of all the three persons of the Trinity with them. When a believer loves him and obeys his commandments, Jesus says that he and his Father will come to him and make their home with him. When we love Jesus, we will be drawn into the circle of the Father’s love for Jesus and we will be loved by him as he loves Jesus, His Son. Father will send also the Holy Spirit to teach the believers and to remind them of all that Jesus taught. It is as if the Christian life is a constant communion with the Trinity. God is not a reality ‘up somewhere’ but an experience within. “The Kingdom of God is within you”, the Lord says. When one experiences this abiding presence of God, a believer should be at peace, at the certainty that God is in control of his or her life. Let us allow the Trinity to make their home in us and take control of our life.

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