Jesus breathed over the disciples and gave the commission to go and preach the gospel to the end of the world. Once they receive the Spirit they are transformed from the fearful ordinary fishermen to courageous fishers of men. What was started off by Jesus – the work of the Kingdom – should spread all over the world. Now it is the work of the Spirit. The disciples will be the powerful instruments. But they are to be transformed. They have to receive the tongues of fire to speak boldly what they have heard and seen. The have to have courage to face the princes and principalities of this world. They should be empowered with wisdom that no scholars can refute. The Holy Spirit shapes them into new beings. Nothing can hold them back from proclaiming Jesus. We are to be filled with Holy Spirit to carry on the mission. What distinguishes us from others is our life in the Spirit. Living in the Spirit makes us a joyful people. Holy Spirit enables us to be bold witnesses of Jesus Christ.

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