The Most Holy Trinity PW III – Year C

//The Most Holy Trinity PW III – Year C

The Most Holy Trinity PW III – Year C

In the Gospel today the three persons of the Trinity are mentioned. Jesus speaks of the Spirit who will guide his disciples to the truth. All that belongs to the Father is that of Jesus and Holy Spirit will make it known to the disciples. So here we get a glimpse into the mystery of relationship that is characteristic of the Trinity. Having been forgiven and reconciled, Jesus enables us to participate in the life of the Holy Trinity. Jesus presents Father as loving and compassionate. Jesus, the Son, is the visible face of the Father. In his words and actions Father is revealed. Son in turn identifies with us humans and participated in all human conditions. In this he has revealed himself to us as friend, Lord and Redeemer. And Spirit is the one who comes to us as the comforter and guide as we continue the mission of Jesus. Holy Spirit is working in and through us in whatever we do for evangelization. The mission given by the Father to the Son is now being carried on by the Spirit through the Church. We are co-workers with the Spirit.

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