13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – PW1 Year C

//13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – PW1 Year C

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – PW1 Year C

Jesus is clear about his mission; so he resolutely moves to Jerusalem to secure salvation through his suffering and death. Jesus corrects the misunderstanding of James and John: his mission is not to destroy but to save. Those who wish to follow him too should accept the cost of discipleship. Jesus offers no luxury and no material comfort but demands self-denial, and total commitment. Following him is not at our convenient time, after our personal goals are first settled but it deserves and immediate response, and undivided attention. Work of the kingdom cannot be a secondary concern, but the first. Once responded, one must not look back. Christian discipleship is a decision to walk in his ways, steadily and firmly, and be ready to pay the cost. Yet there is no greater or more fulfilling vocation that one can aspire than to be called for a radical discipleship and be a collaborator with Jesus in his mission.

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