As Moses had seventy elders to assist him in the governance, Jesus sends out seventy disciples ahead of him to announce the coming of the kingdom. They will have to face hostility and rejection. They are vulnerable. As Jesus is going to be rejected in Jerusalem, the disciples too will have to expect rejection. It is going to be true for many of the future missionaries. But luckily for the seventy, it was a success story. They come back narrating the great success of their mission. In the efforts of the missionaries Jesus is always there watching them casting out demons and establishing the kingdom of God. The disciples can rejoice not only for the achievements but there is a greater reason – they have merited citizenship in heaven. What is important is the mission, not the hierarchy. Our Christian identity is one of being missionary. Our citizenship, our names being written in the roll book of heaven, depends on the fulfilment of the mission given to us.

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