The disciples look for guidance from the Master for prayer. They saw Jesus himself praying and knew that John the Baptist taught his disciples to pray. Jesus responds to the request giving them the prayer “Our Father” and goes on to give a lengthy instruction on the attitude of confidence with which the disciples must approach God in prayer. ‘Our Father’ is a household prayer: God is Father and the children address the heavenly Father in confidence for his kingdom to come. Still in pilgrimage, the people are imperfect and need forgiveness from God and one another. We need also protection as we encounter in the world the trials and temptations.

The community with its privileged position of the children of God pray not only for itself but for the whole world. God the Father is sure to respond to the prayers of his children. If the human beings, who are evil in comparison with the goodness of God, will respond favourably to the requests of their children, how much more will the Father of infinite goodness do so, is the argument of Jesus.

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