Jesus’ teachings are centred on the value of the kingdom of God. The real richness is to merit the kingdom than getting a lot of material goods on earth. People make a false god out of possessions of this world. Through the parable of the foolish rich man, Jesus teaches that we should not seek security of our life in material possessions but in the kingdom of God. Our material possessions can be useful in so far as they are at the service of others. Anything kept to oneself for one’s own satisfaction and pleasure is a foolish management whereas the use of it in attention of others becomes wise utilization.

Let us be constantly reminded that life does not consist in possessions – a beautiful home, car, fashionable cloths, money, and wealth. Against the greed that obsess many people Jesus offers an alternative path to security and happiness – sharing. In the parable the man himself was the absolute centre of everything – nothing else mattered, no one else counted. The world and all its goods were there purely and simply for him to take hold of and keep for himself. Let us hearken to Paul’s advice, “You must look for the things that are in heaven.”

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