Salvation is not assured by birth or by being part of a sect, but by conscious decisions to go through ‘the narrow door.’ Being among ‘the chosen people’ of God as Jews believed or being baptized as Christians do not guarantee salvation. On the other hand, people from far and wide who were considered as of no significance by those who felt themselves superior are going to be among those saved, according to Jesus. Many who thought themselves as saved may hear the Master saying, “I do not recognize you.” Gospel is preached to all people. None, no matter from what nation, race, or class is excluded from experiencing the love and liberation that God offers. They all need to choose the narrow door, the door of love which necessarily challenges one’s self- focused, pleasure seeking life style. Jesus will not recognize us if we have not chosen his way – the way of love, total self-giving for the sake of others, carrying the cross and following him. The rituals and our Christian names will fail us if we have not lived a life of love.

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