Today we celebrate the feast of the birth of Mary. The gospel reflects on the discipleship. While she is the mother of the Son of God, in Mary we have also his perfect disciple. “None of you may become my disciple, if he doesn’t give up everything he has,” Jesus says. Mary surrendered herself totally to the will of God. Mary is present in the life of Jesus all through from his birth to death. She was there at the Incarnation, Birth, and the “hidden years” of his life at Nazareth. Mary closely followed him during the years of his public ministry.

She was a witness of the suffering and crucifixion of her beloved son. If the apostles spent three years with Jesus during his public ministry, Mary spent thirty- three years with him! She sets the model of true discipleship: Jesus as the focus of whole attention. From Mary we learn how to surrender to God’s invitation to do his will. If we learn to live our entire life as an invitation to love, an encounter with the God of love, as Mary did, we will find our lives transformed by the Son whom she bore for the whole world. Mary today tells us to follow her Son, “Do whatever He tells you”.

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