The Pharisees and Scribes were grumbling, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.” Jesus owns up to the Pharisees’ charge and defends himself by telling three parables. They all make the same point, although with different emphasis: God goes to great extent to seek the lost sinners and greatly rejoices when they repent. If the thought of standing before the holy God who knows everything we have ever thought, said, or done frightens us, we don’t need to run away! He will receive us. For God every person is of great value like the small coin or the little sheep that is lost. He relentlessly searches for each and every sinner.

Everyone of us can be identified as the one that was lost. God takes pain to retrieve us who were lost by sending his own Son who will, as good shepherd, suffer and die for the sheep. He willingly endued the abuse of arrogant men in order to secure the salvation of his sheep. When the lost is found, there is great joy and celebration. God rejoices when we, his children, repent and return to him.

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