What is the right use of our wealth? The Gospel speaks about stewardship. A steward is a person who is made responsible to handle the goods and property of his employer. The steward in the Gospel today was a bad steward because he was wasteful of his master’s property. He was going to be fired; so he took steps to guarantee his own future. Though he was dishonest he had the foresight and shrewdness.

We are all stewards – we are entrusted with a lot of resources: our time, money, offices, people, the faith etc. We cannot act as if we are the masters and do things as we like. We need to manage and make use of them in view of our eternal life. What is given away in service of others is in fact what we will carry as we part from this life. Through illegal means rich become richer. The gap between the rich and poor is ever growing. Earth is exploited with no thought about the posterity. We need to become ever more aware of our responsibility as stewards.

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