Prophet Amos sends chilling warning to the rich who indulge in luxury and pleasure. The rich man in the gospel is found everywhere today. There was really nothing much wrong with the rich man. All he did was to enjoy his wealth and his good food, his big house, his fashionable and expensive clothes. Though the rich man did not do any harm to Lazarus he is negligent of his plight.

Pope Francis says, “Lazarus is a good example of the silent cry of the poor throughout the ages and the contradictions of a world in which immense wealth and resources are in the hands of the few.” “The World has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed,” said Mahatma Gandhi. When the rich in their greed amass the resources for themselves, the poor become poorer and suffer. We need a Christian response – sharing of goods, care of the poor. It should come out of love and awareness that we are all brothers and sisters in the Fatherhood of God. We cannot act as if the poor does not exist. To ignore the poor is to ignore Jesus.

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