Faith is to accept the mystery of God revealed in Jesus Christ and to translate it into coherent actions of love and forgiveness. When we have strong faith in Jesus we are confident in facing any situations of life. We are like servants who receive a duty from the master. As the servant does not deserve to be praised or thanked for the work done, so too we are asked to do our responsibilities with dutifulness and with no expectation of special reward or acknowledgement.

But it is when there is a deep love for the master that a servant is so committed and does his best with no expectations of reward. Our joy is in doing all that is possible for our divine Master. He has put trust in us and placed his mission in our hands. We shall never betray this trust of the Master in us. We should work hard in the vineyard of the Lord and having done everything to the best of possibilities we need to be saying, “We are unworthy servant; we have only done our duty.”

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