Experience of God’s love is radically transforming. Zacchaeus may be hated and ostracized by the society and his own people. But God values him as a child of Abraham. When he realizes that God cares about him and values him, he is transformed. Nothing else he needs now. He can now give away what he considered so far very important for his life – money, possessions and the like. The life of St. Francis reveals how when God steps into our life everything that is worldly steps out. They hold no importance for him. The farmer who experiences hard times of failure of crops and livestock (Habakkuk 3:17-19) keeps his composure saying, “Yet I will praise my Lord who is my strength.” Paul in similar vein tells, “Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ.” (Rom 8:35). When we are without God and his love we try to fill in our emptiness by having things which we think will bring importance and prestige. When we have God the opposite process happens – finding joy in throwing away all those things we valued so far or, better still, distributing them to the poor as Zacchaeus or St. Francis did.

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