As we step into the advent season and a new liturgical year the readings alert us with a ‘wake up’ call. As Christmas is approaching, we need to wake up to receive him. In the first reading Isaiah invites the people to go to Jerusalem from where God will teach his ways. In Jesus this prophecy is fulfilled: he has shown the light of the Lord and walking in his light we will find the true path of life. Paul too ask us to wake up from sleep for salvation is near. The right way to be prepared according to Paul is to discard everything that belongs to darkness and put on the armour of light. Jesus himself teaches the need for preparedness to face the last days which might come like a thief at an unexpected time. Alertness at all moments with a right way of living according to the teachings coming from Zion in the person of Jesus will assure that we will not be among the left out. Pope Francis says, “The condition to be ready for the encounter with the Lord is not only faith but a Christian life rice in love and charity for our neighbour.”

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