Today it has become difficult to define what constitutes a family as we see drastic and dramatic changes taking place in the institution of family. The feast of the Holy Family invites us to ponder how as Catholics we need to vision and live our family life. As somebody described how JOY can be found in the family when the priorities are set: Jstands for JESUS, O for OTHERS and Y for YOU. For the happiness in the family, first place is to be given to Jesus(God), second place to Others and the last place only to Yourself. Happiness of the Holy Family is not in the material possessions but the fact of having Jesus as the focus for Mary and Joseph. They would give priority to obey God and do anything possible to take care of Jesus: they secretly take him to Egypt as directed in the dream, and search for him for three days when he was lost. Pope Francis tells to remember and practice three words for the success of family life. ‘Thanks, Sorry, and Please.’

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