Epiphany has been defined as the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi. The choice of the Gospel text today for the feast of the Epiphany underscores the truth that Jesus is God’s revelation not to a select few, but to the whole world. The Magi in Matthew are guided not only by astrology but also by the Scriptures. Revelation outside the Scriptures motivates them to obey the one God; yet, they do not find their way to Jesus without the Scriptures. The light has come, and we are invited to live in it. He is bigger than we can ever imagine and his mercy and forgiveness are not restricted to a few but is available to all. The feast also challenges us today to be like the star which guided the Magi to the Christ child. It invites us to so shine that others who have not yet encountered God in Christ will be motivated to come and encounter him who in his love continues to sustain the world.

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