Today’s Gospel text may be seen as divided into three parts. The first is the fifth fulfilment quotation from Isaiah which explicates that what Isaiah predicted is being fulfilled in Jesus. This part also includes the first public proclamation of Jesus in Galilee. The second part is the call of the first four disciples and the third part is the summary statement. Many of us still think that it is our good deeds which are responsible for our salvation and that if we continue to do good and be good, we will have earned eternal life. This is a warped way of understanding God, Jesus and his message. Salvation can never be earned or bought by our goodness. Rather, our goodness is a consequence of our salvation. Like the disciples who responded to the call of Jesus with confidence and courage and like the Christian community at Corinth who were invited to focus entirely on Jesus, we too are invited to hear the call to repentance and discipleship and respond with love. We are also called to proclaim the kingdom that Jesus inaugurated and to remember that it is a kingdom that involves word and action, saying and doing.

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