Many a time we lament that nobody notices the good that we do or appreciates our generosity. Thus we are discouraged and tend to give up doing many things which if given credit we would have readily continued to do. Jesus has a different view: our good work—anything that brings hope, that speaks to the darkness and emptiness of life—is not meant for our personal glory, but for the glory of the Father! We are called to be salt and light of the world and help to make others’ lives beautiful, meaningful and useful. That is why today’s readings challenge us to see God in the lives of others and thus live other-centred lives influenced by the Spirit. The way we live our lives should testify to our personal beliefs and priorities. Any of our choices that blur the distinction between us and the rest of the world is a step in the wrong direction. We need not work to change the world. Let the world see the kind of life we live, and learn to change its ways to God’s ways. Our character, conduct, and conversation should bring credit to the God we profess.

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