The Gospel passage of today narrates how Jesus made a missionary out of a woman from Samaria who came to draw water from a well. By their conversation, Jesus and the Samaritan woman end up breaking down the male / female and Jewish / Samaritan divides. Demolishing all taboos. However, what strikes one in the whole episode is how Jesus plants the seed of faith in her.

The woman received so much joy and relief from her encounter with Jesus. This encounter transformed her, filing her with such love and joy that she went on to become a witness and a missionary, bringing other Samaritan to Jesus. She leaves her jar behind, symbolizing the giving up of everything that was weighing her down.

In return, she is empowered to bring the Good News to the very ones who had once shunned her but are now compelled to listen to this “transformed and alive’ messenger! But when the recipient of the Good News realizes the genuineness and authenticity of the agent, God works miracles and many are drawn to the faith.

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