Jesse paraded his seven sons before Samuel and saw in each of them qualities befitting the kingship of Israel. But he could not see any such indication in his youngest son David. However, Samuel, the man of God, clearly saw the future King in the shepherd boy. The pharisees of today’s Gospel couldn’t see the divine power at work in the person of Jesus who gave sight to the man born blind.

There is a dynamic at work in the episode: metaphorically, the blind man increases in sight, while the Pharisees grow blinder. While they say of Jesus ‘this man is not from God’, the blind man declares: “If this man were not from God, he could do nothing.” The story ends with Jesus saying that there is no excuse for the blindness of the religious leaders. It’s not so much that they can’t see, its rather their unwillingness to see. The Lord discloses many things about himself every day to those who are open to his teaching.

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