2nd Sunday of Advent – PWII Year C

//2nd Sunday of Advent – PWII Year C

2nd Sunday of Advent – PWII Year C

John the Baptist was a voice in the wilderness urging people to prepare a way for the Lord. Every mountain has to be laid low. There are mountains and hills of pride and ignorance. Every valley will be filled in. We think of the valleys of emptiness in our lives. We try to fill our empty hearts looking for happiness and forgetting that our hearts were made for God and that they will continue to be restless until they rest in God. Advent is a time to prepare ourselves.

We need the material but always with moderation. Ne quid nimis – nothing to excess. We need to keep our focus without getting blinkered or worse still blinded by the razzle dazzle of mere materialities. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

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