Joy is the secret of the Christian. If we wish to have real lasting Joy we need to look at the three letters of the alphabet that make up the word JOY. J stands for Jesus. If we want joy, Jesus must come first. We must give him the best and the first place in our lives and make him the centre of all that we are and do pleasing him in all things, at all times and in all places. The second letter of the word JOY is O. O stands for others. Others must come second after Jesus. Our family, our neighbours and friends – these form the second circle.

We love them, serve them, care for them, help them. Joy is therefore a by-product. We get it only when we give it. The last letter of the word JOY is Y. Y stands for you. When we think of ourselves last we experience joy. When we recall and remember the times we experienced joy we will realise that it was when we thought of ourselves last.

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