The youth of Sacred Heart Cathedral parish has launched a project in conjunction with the Extraordinary Month of Mission. We would like to invite all parishioners to join us in praying for a very important group of people when it comes to mission: our shepherds, our priests! Priests today are very much under attack, because of the very important work that they do.

As St Teresa of Avila once said, “Behind every priest, there is a demon waiting for his fall. If we have the language to criticize them, we must have twice as much to pray for them.” While the nature of the Church is missionary, not all of us are called to go out for outreaches in rural areas and distant places. But we are surely called to pray and we all can pray. As a matter of fact, the Patroness of Mission, St Therese of Lisieux, whose feast day we just celebrated 3 days ago never “went out”.

But with ardent love, she offered up fervent prayers and her sufferings for missions and for souls.
With this, building an army of prayer warriors is our mission this month. We will be holding a 9-day novena from 20th – 28th October 2019 to pray for our priests. All are invited. Leading up to this novena, we will be giving out prayer cards this weekend, and will be showing videos of our priests the next 3 weekends before masses.

Blessed Mission Month and may we all find the true meaning of mission! See you around!

Click on the appropriate link below to download the prayers for priests;