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3rd Sunday of Advent – PWIII Year A

Reading from Isaiah continues the proclamation of the coming of the good days as we saw in the last Sunday. The time is approaching when the blind will see and the ears of the deaf opened. When the disciples of John the Baptist came with the question to Jesus whether he was really the Messiah, [...]

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2nd Sunday of Advent – PWII Year A

Isaiah predicted of glorious times of Israel when it will take root, blossom, and sprout and fill the world with fruits (Is 27:6). It is in Jesus that this fruitfulness became a reality. From Jesus will go out to the nook and corner of the world the message of peace, brotherhood and universal love. The [...]

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1st Sunday of Advent – PWI Year A

As we step into the advent season and a new liturgical year the readings alert us with a ‘wake up’ call. As Christmas is approaching, we need to wake up to receive him. In the first reading Isaiah invites the people to go to Jerusalem from where God will teach his ways. In Jesus this [...]

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Gospel brings the contrasting attitudes – arrogance and humility – and how they have an impact on the result of the prayer. The humble republican returns home justified and the arrogant goes empty. Sirach tells that the humble man’s prayer reaches heaven and God will do justice to him. Pope Francis speaks of ‘accusing ourselves’ [...]

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