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Pentecost Sunday

PENTECOST The gifts of the Holy Spirit The world needs men and women who are not closed in on themselves, but filled with the Holy Spirit. Closing oneself off from the Holy Spirit means not only a lack of freedom; it is a sin. There are many ways one can close oneself off to the [...]

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Ascension of the Lord (PWI Year A)

The Ascension of the Lord Humble fearlessness If the first grace of the Ascension for us, is hope in heaven, a second fearlessness in the face of life and the sufferings and evils of life. Not a “macho” muscular fearlessness, but a humble, trusting, hoping, praying fearlessness. Think of the martyrs. One last thing. Symbolised [...]

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Sixth Sunday of Easter – PW II Year A

Pope Francis The Ascension of the Lord Regina Caeli – 1st June 2014 The Acts of the Apostles recounts this episode, the final separation of the Lord Jesus from his disciples and from this world (cf. Acts 1:2-9). The Gospel of Matthew, however, reports Jesus’ mandate to his disciples: the invitation to go out, to [...]

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Third Sunday of Easter (PWIII Year A)

See, recall and tell In the Bible Readings of today’s liturgy the word “witnesses” is mentioned twice. The first time it is on the lips of Peter who, after the healing of the paralytic at the Door of the Temple of Jerusalem, exclaims: You “killed the Author of life, whom God raised from dead. To [...]

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Second Sunday of Easter

Touching the Paschal Mystery Today is the eighth day after Easter, and the Gospel according to John documents for us the two appearances of the Risen Jesus to the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room, where on the evening of Easter Thomas was absent, and eight day later, he was present. The first time, the [...]

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Easter Sunday (Easter Octave Year A)

Jesus Christ is risen! Love has triumphed over hatred, life has conquered death, light has dispelled the darkness! Out of love for us, Jesus Christ stripped himself of his divine glory, emptied himself, took on the form of a slave and humbled himself even to death, death on the cross. For this reason God exalted [...]

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5th Sunday of Lent

In the Gospel of John, the miracles of Jesus are ‘signs’ pointing to the person and mission of Jesus. The raising of Lazarus is the last of Jesus’ ‘signs’ in the Gospel, pointing to Jesus as the ‘resurrection and life’ (6:25). We tend to focus on the resurrection as a distant promise and reality, our [...]

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